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Where Does It Come ?

For teams to achieve their potential requires work in several areas: ⦁ Working on the team itself – What is our collective work? How are we going with it? ⦁ Individuals working on themselves – What is my contribution in the team? What are my strengths and development areas? What do others need from me? […]

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Why Do We Use It?

In 2010 an exciting moment for me was the publication of my masters research paper on group coaching, titled, From GROW to GROUP, in Coaching An International Journal of Theory Research and Practice. I detailed the benefits of coaching in a group (vs. individual) setting and proposed a new group coaching model. Ten years later I was

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Where I Get Some?

I find myself straddling the worlds of leadership and organisation research and practice, of academia and the day-to-day reality of leadership in organisations. My organisational clients and colleagues range on a spectrum from unquestioning certainty in their leadership through to imposter syndrome. It is a rare few that have the leadership rhythm of, ‘stepping in

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